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cybergisx Command Line Usage

The cybergisx command line interface is available on CyberGISX. Running cybergisx from the command line should display the following help message:

Usage: cybergisx [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

-a, --avail                  See available CyberGISX kernels.
-i, --install TEXT           Install an available kernel.
-p, --personal               See your personal kernels.
-rp, --remove-personal TEXT  Remove a personal kernel.
-v, --version                Show the version and exit.
-h, --help                   Show this message and exit.


Prints the available kernels to the terminal.

cybergisx -a
cybergisx --avail

-i/--install TEXT

Installs an available kernel (see -a/--avail). TEXT is kernel to install.

cybergisx -i python3
cybergisx --install python3


Prints the personal kernels you have installed.

cyberigsx -p
cyberigsx --personal

-rp/--remove-personal TEXT

Removes a kernel from your list of personal kernels (see -p/--personal). Note that this does not automatically remove the kernel from the dropdown, but it will no longer appear after a container restart unless it is a kernel installed by default

cybergisx -rp
cybergisx --remove-personal


Prints the version of the cybergisx command line tool.

cybergisx -v
cybergisx --version


Prints the help text for the cybergisx command line tool.

cybergisx -h
cybergisx --help